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Questions about Painting by Numbers

Print quality:
The print quality of my Painting by Numbers is highly dependent on the quality of your image. We recommend that you use images with a resolution of at least 150 dpi for my Painting by Numbers

  1. Check to make sure that the photo is well lit (brightness and contrast) and ensure that all areas of the image are in focus.
  2. There should not be too many details on the photo (like group photos of many people), as everything is broken down into individual fields and colours and this can cause important details to be omitted if they are too small (for instance, facial features when group photos show small heads).
  3. After uploading, you should use the crop function to select the precise area that matters most, to ensure that no unnecessary content from the edge of the image is included in the painting by numbers and the image shows the correct focal point.
  4. The best results are obtained with portraits of individuals – both humans and animals – with single colour backgrounds, for instance from a professional photographer’s studio.

Please also note our tips and tricks.
That's hard to say: The number and size of the painting sections can vary greatly depending on how detailed your chosen photo is. For this reason, it's hard to give an exact age recommendation for your Painting by Numbers photo design. Take a look at our tips and tricks for more details. In addition, each painter's painting experience is different. In general, my Painting by Numbers is not suitable for children under 8 years old and should only be used under adult supervision.
Unfortunately it is not possible to create a mixed order, as the order process for my Painting by Numbers is fundamentally different from the order process for all other my Ravensburger products.
Once your order is received, you will receive an email containing a link to a preview of your Painting by Numbers design after a maximum of 2 days. We will only begin production of the final item once you have chosen a design from the preview.
You have the option to cancel on the preview page for your my Painting by Numbers (you will receive the link via email within 2 working days of your order). In this case, your money will be refunded to you. The production of your my Painting by Numbers will begin when you have chosen a design from the preview - after that, you will no longer have the option to cancel.
Converting your photo to a Painting by Numbers design takes a little time, however you will receive an email with the link to the preview of your my Painting by Numbers design a maximum of 2 working days after you place your order. If you do not like your my Painting by Numbers design, you have the option to cancel your order. If you cancel the order, you will not be charged for it.
The level of difficulty when painting depends heavily on your design. Lots of small details in the image can make the design harder to paint. Larger format portraits are therefore usually easier to paint than landscape pictures or group photos with a busy background.

Please take a look at our tips and tricks.
Yes, however this kind of picture isn't very suitable. Pictures with lots of detail, such as landscapes, buildings and group photos with more than 2 people make it likely that details will get lost when the design is turned into a painting template.

Please take a look at our tips and tricks.
Yes. The acrylic paints are supplied in the appropriate shades of grey.
Firstly, our special software identifies similar colours in the image and decides which paint colours to use in your picture (maximum 24 colours). The determined colours of paint will be indicated in the individual sections, creating different patches of colour. Similar colours in the photo will therefore become the seame patches of colour in the painting template.

A variety of templates are then created using this reduced colour image. Within 2 days of your order, you will receive an email containing a link to a preview page of these different variations. There you can see how your Painting by Numbers will look. Select the design you like best. Your my Painting by Numbers will then be created using your selection, and this colour image will be displayed on the packaging.

Once you approve the preview, we will begin production. All painting sections will contain the number of the corresponding paint colour. This creates your painting template, which is applied to a high-quality easel.

You can find more information about this in our detailed and illustrated Making of my Painting by Numbers.
Your painting set includes pre-numbered paint pots to match your image. Each paint colour corresponds to areas on the painting board with the same colour number. Each numbered area for painting is then filled in using the appropriately numbered paint, creating the overall image step-by-step. The instructions that are provided explains the whole process in greater detail.
The same materials are used in the manufacture of my Painting by Numbers sets as for normal Ravensburger Painting by Numbers sets.
Production is carried out to an extremely high standard; the manufacturing process for my Painting by Numbers involves every single product being finished by hand and carefully checked to ensure that Ravensburger’s quality standards are met.
You can order my Painting by Numbers in 20 × 20 cm or 24 × 30 cm formats.
my Painting by Numbers naturally contains a complete set with everything you need to start painting straight away. The metal case includes acrylic paints that are selected for your picture, an artist’s paint brush with two different brush thicknesses, a high quality board to paint on as well as instructions and a template.
You can find a suitable frame for my Painting by Numbers in a specialist retailer.
Yes, you can add a title or another text with a maximum length of 40 characters to be printed on the box or the label of the metal box. You can also choose between different colours for the label. 
Once you have uploaded the image, you can manually crop the image to select the extract that will appear on my Painting by Numbers set. You can also move, enlarge, and reduce this extract any way you like.
Please note that, when selecting the cropped area, that only the most important details of your photo are retained. This ensures that my Painting by Numbers sets only contains the elements of the image that really matter to you.

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