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Personalise your wooden train

  • Dimensions
    100 x 45 cm
    12x curves, 2x straights, 2x slopes, 1x bridge/tunnel
    1x engine with engraved name, 1x engine, 1x carriage
    Other items
    3x figures, 1x signal, 1x suitcase, 1x bench
  • The Railway Starter Set is an ideal jumping on point! Build this classic figure of eight with large rock tunnel/bridge. Push the travel engine along the tracks through the tunnel or over it.
    Use the stop and go signal to stop the train and let passengers on board. If you want to extend your track layout we recommend Track Pack B specially designed for use with this set. It will add a number of fun track layouts for the travel train to go along.
    BRIO - Personalised Starter Set with name
    Brio World is an open game concept that develops with the child. All Brio World toys together form a fully customisable world. There are no limits to the imagination of your child and the endless game combinations.
    BRIO - Train with own name
    The track layout measures 100 x 45 cm and includes:
    • 3x Figures
    • 1x Signal
    • 1x Suitcase
    • 12x Curves
    • 2x Straights
    • 2x Slopes
    • 1x Bridge/Tunnel
    • 1x Bench
    • 2x Engines
    • 1x Carriage
    The perfect introduction to the Brio World: This 26-piece starter set contains everything you need for your first railway track.
    The Railway Starter Set A is as mentioned compatible with other Brio World sets, rails and trains. It features classic Brio magnetic couplings that allow easy connection to each other and other vehicles.

    Three easy steps to your personalised Brio Railway Set

    Engrave the train with your name
    Add photo to box
    Add greeting text
    Start creating!

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