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500 piece photo puzzle - jigsaw fun for everyone

  • Piece Count
    500 pieces
    Size of the piece
    Ø 2.9 x 2.1 cm
    Cardboard Box
    34 x 23 x 4 cm
    Metal Tin
    23 x 23 x 4 cm
    Puzzle Size
    36 x 49 cm
  • Blue skies, sunshine - why not do a jigsaw outside for a change? The 500-piece photo puzzle is just what you need. Its compact packaging makes it nice and easy to transport. Even the size of the photo puzzle makes it good for completing on a small table on the terrace. Yet it is still large enough for your photo to look good as a puzzle. This personalised puzzle is also exactly what you need on gloomy days. With 500 pieces, the photo puzzle is great for a rainy afternoon. Gradually seeing your photo come to life will lift your mood in no time.

    Personalised jigsaw fun for all ages

    The 500-piece photo puzzle is the perfect entry to the world of bigger my Ravensburger jigsaws. Even seasoned small and large puzzle beginners will love this challenge. It makes the jigsaw the perfect gift idea for all ages. Personalised puzzles make ideal gifts for any occasion. You'll be giving your friends and family members a really personal present.
    500 pieces photo puzzle cardboard box and metal tin
    • With 500-pieces, the photo puzzle is suitable for beginners and experienced jigsaw builders alike
    • and is available in a cardboard or metal box
    • with different collages and design templates to choose from
    • You can even personalise the packaging or box with a title or special greeting.
    500 pieces photo puzzle cardboard box and metal tin

    Your photo on original Ravensburger jigsaw card

    Your 500-piece photo puzzle is produced in our factory in Ravensburg, Germany using the original Ravensburger jigsaw cardboard. It will turn your photo into something really special. This cardboard is exclusive to jigsaws with the blue triangle. It is where our experience and expertise are most visible. We researched the recipe for this cardboard over a many years, with the manufacturing process taking several decades to perfect. When combined with chrome-linen embossing, your photo becomes both a very personal and a sensory experience.

    Three easy steps to your 500 piece photo puzzle

    Select and upload your own photo
    Select format
    Select box design and greeting text

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    500 pieces in cardboard box
    500 pieces in metal tin
    192 customers found this review helpful
    by Sabrina Gebenroth on 06.06.2019 Verified Purchase
    Alles Super vielen lieben Dank
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    Thank you very much for your feedback.
    343 customers found this review helpful
    Ein tolles Geschenk
    by Marc Hahnefeldt on 08.12.2018
    Wunderbar als Geschenk oder Erinnerungsstück. In der Metalldose besonders haltbar.

    Sehr schade ist, dass das eigentliche Motiv nicht gefaltet beigefügt ist. So wird das Puzzlen mangels gut sichtbarer Vorlage zum Glücksspiel, weil der Vordruck auf der Dose zu klein ist.
    Was this review helpful?
    Thank you very much for your feedback.
    438 customers found this review helpful
    Fertigpuzzles waren früher
    by mikiscom on 11.12.2011
    Seitdem ich das erste Fotopuzzle fertig hatte, war für mich klar, davon kaufe ich öfter welche. Demnächst auch als 1000er-Version.
    Wer gerne schöne Fotos macht und davon noch mehr haben möchte, als die nur einmal anzuschauen sollte sich daraus ein Puzzle erstellen lassen. Besser als die Bilder der fertigen Puzzles wo man mit dem Inhalt selbst nichts zu tun hat.
    Beim auswählen des Fotos auf die Farbvielfalt achten, je nach dem, ob das Puzzle einfach oder schwer werden soll. Je nach Schwierigkeitsstufe kann man auch die Farbe des Kartons festlegen. Dies muss man natürlich selbst beurteilen.
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    Thank you very much for your feedback.