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PAIRfect - the photo memo to design yourself

  • Number of Cards
    24, 48
    Metal Tin
    23 x 23 x 4 cm
    Number of Players
  • Grandma and Grandpa, sun and sea, Jack and Jill - all these pairs belong together and yet they differ from one another. Bring together what belongs together with your personal designs! With PAIRfect, you can now make a very special, individual memory game from the classic memory®. Design a mixed double with your own pictures and discover new relationships. Combine photos, moments and impressions. You decide what matches and what doesn't.

    PAIRfect is the perfect memory game for the whole family

    PAIRfect is the game for lateral thinkers of any age and on any occasion. Be it with 24 or 48 cards, uncovering the right combinations will challenge and fascinate you. Your personal photo memo is a unique memento. PAIRfect is a memory® game for young and old and is perfect for the whole family!

    The established and ingeniously simple gameplay principles of memory® also apply to PAIRfect. All playing cards are laid face down on the table. Players take turns to uncover two cards. The aim of the game is to find as many pairs as possible. In this version, however, it's worth thinking outside the box Does the football really match with little Timmy? Do the knitting needles belong to Grandma? Which horse belongs to which rider? As the cards and made with personal photos from your life, only you will know which pairs belong together.

    Play together what belongs together - the photo memo that offers gaming fun for everyone

    PAIRfect offers countless opportunities to tell stories in a playful way. Together with your friends and loved ones, you will rediscover your personal moments two cards at a time. It is a really fun way to keep your memories alive.

    Let your creativity run wild when you choose the designs for your photo memo. Combine friends, couples or events. Or design the photo pairs with old children's pictures and current photos of friends and family.
    my PAIRfect photo memo overview colours
    • Your personal photo memo with 24 or 48 individually designable cards
    • Delivered in a robust metal box that you can decorate with an individual title or greeting
    • Design your own PAIRfect In our Product Designer, you can choose the best photo composition for your playing cards online; you can even edit your photos with the help of filters and effects
    • Quality that you will see and feel: We print the designs for your memory game on original memory® card/li>
    • Suitable from 4 years
    my PAIRfect photo memo overview colours

    The PAIRfect gift - Anticipation is (almost) the greatest joy

    A mixed double to design yourself is a PAIRfect gift. Impress friends and family with a unique memory® game! Dig those hidden treasures out of your photo archives and use them as the design on your playing cards. Assign your friends certain events or children certain pictures. Of course, we will print the cards for your personalised memory gameon the original memory® card. You will receive the famous Ravensburger quality in a high-quality metal box. Just add a ribbon - and your personalised gift is ready!

    You can rest assured that every PAIRfect will become a journey through your fondest experiences and moments with friends and family. Even designing your individual memory® game is lots of fun. Rediscover your treasured photos - as well as the endless opportunities for pairing different photos with one another.

    Three easy steps to your photo memo

    Select and upload your own photos
    Create your cards
    Choose your box design and greeting text
    Start creating!

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