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Questions about memory® & PAIRfect

Print quality:
The print quality of my memory®/my PAIRfect cards is highly dependent on the quality of your image. We therefore recommend that you use photos for my memory® cards with a resolution of at least 150 dpi.

Image selection:
Select images that allow a square area to be cropped and selected.

  • Please ensure that your image design is not pixelated or blurry, as this can negatively affect the quality of my memory® products.
  • Bright colours and sharp edges on the design allow it to be noticed more quickly and more intensively.
  • The fewer details that can be seen in the background of your design, the easier it will be to memorise.
The my memory®/my PAIRfect cards are square and each side is approximately 60 mm long.
Once you have uploaded the image, you can manually select the square image extract that will be visible on your my memory®/my PAIRfect card. You can also move, enlarge, and reduce this extract any way you like.
The first image used will be displayed on the tin as a thumbnail. This is also specifically marked in the product designer. 
Yes, you can add a title or another text with a maximum length of 40 characters to be printed on the label of the metal box. You can also choose between different colours for the label. 
my memory® comes with 24, 48 or 72 cards, i.e. 12, 24 or 36 pairs of images. my PAIRfect can be ordered with 24 or 48 cards (i.e. with 24 or 48 different designs).
The personalised games Labyrinth and Malefiz® are currently only available in German.

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