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Special Gifts for Valentine's Day

Do you get butterflies in your stomach whenever you think of your loved one? Or perhaps you have been together for a long time and shared lots of experiences as a couple?

Your sweetheart probably knows how much they mean to you. Valentine's Day in February is a great opportunity to celebrate this fact. Personalised Valentine's Day gifts show your other half that you've given them plenty of thought.

Valentine’s Day DIY

Flowers, perfume and jewellery for your loved one are traditional but not particularly original. We've put together a few suggestions for you, as making your own Valentine's Day gifts is not so difficult:
  • What you need is this: Garden cress seeds; flower pot or under pot; potting soil or cotton wool (pads); printer; wooden skewer; scissors; glue
  • Take a flower pot or a under pot about a week before Valentine's Day and fill it with potting soil or cover it with cotton wool.
    Tip: If you can't find a flower pot, you can also press cotton wool into an empty, cleaned eggshell.
  • Now sow the garden cress seeds on the soil or cotton wool and moisten the soil or cotton wool sufficiently.
    Important: Always keep the soil moist and put the cress in a sunny place. The windowsill is best suited for this.
  • Now print out our "Let love grow" template. After cutting it out, glue it to the prepared wooden skewer.
  • Now you can complete your individual Valentine's Day gift: Put your self-made declaration of love into the flower pot decorated with cress.
We have even more ideas for you

  • The Date Box contains twelve little envelopes, each with a romantic date idea for the coming year that you can pull out once a month.
  • Bake your partner's favourite biscuits or muffins in the shape of a heart. You can find baking moulds in retail stores or online.
  • Make homemade chocolates. You can find recipes online.
  • Decorate a small box or tin of your choice with a personal quote or design and fill it with your loved one's favourite sweets.

Are your handicraft skills limited and your budget too small for a luxurious spa weekend? We have a truly personal gift that is easy to make and guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one's face.

Your favourite photo of you both as a Valentine's Day gift

With my Ravensburger, you can have a professionally produced puzzle printed with the photo of your choice. Personalised my Ravensburger photo jigsaws are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day!

Choose your best or funniest picture as a couple or family: a picture from your last holiday, an old photo from your days of getting to know each other or perhaps a picture of the two of you holding your baby. You'll be sure to know what your flame would like best.

Different sizes of puzzle are available in various price categories. This lets you determine the degree of difficulty.

Personalised gift ideas for Valentine's Day

If your loved one prefers games to puzzles, my Ravensburger offers exciting alternatives to photo jigsaws.

A photo memory® is also a great example of a Valentine's Day gift. The game, based on the tried and tested memory® principle, is made even more fun because the playing cards are printed with photos of you.

The game principle of my PAIRfect is a little more demanding. Here, different pictures have to be linked together. For example, you could separate a picture of you both down the middle or incorporate your partner's hobbies. A great playground for testing your creativity!

Other my Ravensburger products for Valentine's Day

1000 pieces

Photo puzzle

49 pieces

Photo puzzle

my memory®

my PAIRfect

my Painting by numbers

my MAPuzzle

72 pieces

Photo puzzle

500 pieces

Photo puzzle