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my Ravenburger Jigsaw Piece - endless jigsaw fun with your photos!

  • Piece Count
    1 piece
    Size of the piece
    21 x 21 cm
    Cardboard Box
    34 x 23 x 4 cm
  • A my Ravensburger Jigsaw Piece is more than just a one-piece jigsaw. This simple jigsaw is an ideal way to uniquely decorate your home. Use it to assemble an extraordinary family photo, for example. You can create a jigsaw piece for each family member and combine them together again and again. Alternatively, you can use images from across the years to create a journey through time, with each jigsaw piece representing another year. You could of course also create a personalised height chart for a child's room: use printed childhood photos from different moments throughout their lives, making the chart truly unique. The best part? No matter how tall your child grows, the chart will grow along with them. This is because the my Ravensburger Jigsaw Piece can be combined with other one-piece photo jigsaws - creating a virtually endless jigsaw.

    This jigsaw piece is also perfect for offices and consulting rooms

    Use the one-piece jigsaw to present your team in an offbeat and amusing fashion. Just create a jigsaw piece for each member of the team. No matter how your team changes in the future, you'll always have an up-to-date group photo: this jigsaw piece can be combined with as many other pieces as desired in every direction. This means the jigsaw can grow alongside your team and individual parts can be easily swapped out whenever there are changes in staff. Add names and other information about the subject of the photo or design creative signposts for your workspaces. Our one-piece photo jigsaw offers countless possibilities for individual designs.

    The world's simplest jigsaw

    You can also let a my Jigsaw Piece work on its own: this simple jigsaw is the ideal way to present news, messages or vouchers in a special and unusual fashion. Create a unique greetings card and combine it with photos and images however you can imagine. In short: the my Ravensburger Jigsaw Piece offers endlessly inventive possibilities, lets your creative side run wild and is the family member photo you've been waiting for!
    Photo Puzzle - Jigsaw 1 Piece as Wall Picture
    • The my Ravenburger Jigsaw Piece is roughly 21 x 21 cm large
    • Let your photos be a jigsaw piece as part of something far larger: the one-piece jigsaw can be extended as much as you like
    • Like all my Ravenburger photo jigsaws, your jigsaw piece will be printed in our factory on original Ravensburger jigsaw cardboard.
    • You will receive your one-piece photo jigsaw in an original jigsaw box, upon which your design will of course be printed as well
    • An offbeat family photo, a height chart for a child's bedroom or a unique greetings card - the design possibilities are endless

    The straightforward gift idea - quick to design and even quicker to play!

    The 21 by 21 cm large jigsaw piece can be extended as much as you like, meaning endless jigsaw fun for puzzle-loving friends! Your creativity will know no bounds - whether it's an illustration, photo or text, everything can by printed and combined. You can choose where the jigsaw begins and ends. Just upload a design, place it on the jigsaw piece and pick out a matching box design, and that's it!

    Discover how the jigsaw piece can be used as an educational tool, a unique wall decoration or a remarkable gift. Turn this endless jigsaw into an organic photo album that can be expanded at any time. Whatever ideas you have, our one-piece jigsaw offers you the ideal opportunity to turn them into unique accessories and remarkable gifts.

    Three easy steps to your jigsaw piece

    Select and upload your own photo
    Place the picture
    Select box design and greeting text
    Start creating!

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