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1500 piece photo puzzle - Create the bigger picture piece by piece

  • Piece Count
    1500 pieces
    Size of the piece
    Ø 2.7 x 2.2 cm
    Cardboard Box
    37 x 27 x 6 cm
    Metal Tin
    37 x 38 x 6 cm
    Puzzle Size
    80 x 60 cm
  • Do you remember? Your last dream holiday? The wedding with your loved ones? Your child's first steps? The 1500 piece photo puzzle offers fascinating opportunities to relive your memories. At a size of about 60 x 80 cm, the 1500 piece photo jigsaw offers lots of space for your pictures and ideas. That turns your photo as a jigsaw into a gift of special proportions - and a real challenge for ambitious puzzlers.

    You're bound to find some great shots in your photo collection. Design your personal jigsaw with your favourite photo. And if you can't decide on one photo: The 1500 piece photo jigsaw is also perfect for great photo collages. You can design them in no time using our design templates.

    Your picture as a puzzle printed on 1500 pieces

    Discover your best photos from a new perspective. With the 1500 piece photo puzzle, you can enlarge your photos! Bring a bit of sun to a winter day and relive your summer holiday with your photo as a jigsaw. Reminisce about the good old days while you make a jigsaw.

    For even longer jigsaw enjoyment of a moderate difficulty, the 1500 piece photo jigsaw is perfect. Discover how your photo as a jigsaw can awaken emotions and memories! Put your design together piece by piece to create the bigger picture. Or impress friends and family with a unique gift.
    1500 pieces photo puzzle box and puzzle pieces
    • The 1500 piece photo puzzle offers individual jigsaw enjoyment for advanced puzzlers from 14 years old
    • The jigsaw pieces measure approximately 2.7 x 2.2 cm
    • The 1500 piece photo puzzle is about 60 x 80 cm when complete
    • Your photo as a jigsaw can be ordered in either portrait or landscape format
    • Choose whether we should pack your 1500 piece photo jigsaw in an original Ravensburger cardboard box or a classic metal box
    • Give the packaging an individual design with a title or a short greeting
    • Digitally printed on original Ravensburger jigsaw cardboard
    1500 pieces photo puzzle box and puzzle pieces

    The best quality of incomparable jigsaw enjoyment

    Of course, we will make your photo jigsaw in reliable Ravensburger quality. And it can be seen, just like your pictures! Exclusive cardboard and fine, structured paper ensure incomparable jigsaw enjoyment. The unique jigsaw pieces fit together perfectly and thanks to the handcrafted punching tools, the variety of shapes in our jigsaw pieces is unrivalled.

    Three easy steps to your 1500 piece photo puzzle

    Select and upload your own photo
    Select format
    Select box design and greeting text
    Start creating!

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