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Ravensburger jigsaw glue - stick jigsaws together with the Puzzle Conserver Permanent

With the Puzzle Conserver Permanent, you can enjoy your photo jigsaw for a long time - even after doing the jigsaw itself. The glue has been specially developed for Ravensburger jigsaws and is therefore perfect for your photo jigsaws. Secure your jigsaw effortlessly with the jigsaw glue before you mount it or hang it up. In addition, the Puzzle Conserver Permanent keeps the colours in your photo brighter for longer by sealing the surface of the jigsaw and permanently locking in the colours.

The liquid jigsaw glue can be used immediately: With the help of the integrated sponge, you can apply the glue directly to the surface of the jigsaw, straight out of the bottle. Evenly distributed, the Puzzle Conserver should dry clearly in around one hour.

A bottle of Puzzle Conserver Permanent contains 200 ml. This amount of jigsaw puzzle glue will cover approximately 4000 jigsaw pieces (i.e. 2 photo jigsaws with 2000 pieces each, 4 jigsaws with 1000 pieces or 8 jigsaws with 500 pieces, etc).
Warning. This is not a toy. For use under adult supervision. Keep away from children.

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