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Individual photo jigsaw from my Ravensburger

1000 pieces

Photo puzzle

500 pieces

Photo puzzle

100 pieces

Photo puzzle

200 pieces

Photo puzzle

1500 pieces

Photo Puzzle

2000 pieces

Photo puzzles

300 pieces

Photo Puzzles

72 pieces

Photo puzzle

24 pieces

Mammut Puzzle

49 pieces

Photo puzzle

24 pieces

Photo puzzle

Jigsaw piece

Photo puzzle
A my Ravensburger photo jigsaw is more than just a photo puzzle. Behind every jigsaw that leaves our factory in Ravensburg, hides decades of experience. And you will notice the bright colours, precisely cut edges and puzzle pieces that fit perfectly - that's what sets our photo jigsaws apart from the rest. Dive into your very own world of design: be it holiday photos with wonderful sunsets, wedding photos or funny snapshots from the old days - with a my Ravensburger photo jigsaw, memories come together one piece at a time. Turn your nicest photos into individual jigsaw fun and discover the small details that you'd never noticed before on your photo as a puzzle. Hold on to fleeting moments with a photo jigsaw and give the gift of emotion. Use our puzzle designer to make unique gifts out of unforgettable moments, in no time at all.

Designing your my Ravensburger jigsaw is simple and fast

With my Ravensburger, you can design your own jigsaw - with your pictures, for all ages and all abilities. You can easily choose the difficulty level of your photo puzzle when you choose the number of pieces and the design. The my Ravensburger jigsaw with 49 pieces is packed in a handy metal box and is ideal as a small gift. The 100-piece photo jigsaw is suitable for children from 6 years old or for quick puzzle fun. The my Ravensburger jigsaws with 200 pieces, 300 pieces and 500 pieces have proven very good as family fun for different age groups. Our large photo jigsaws with 1000 pieces, 1500 pieces and 2000 pieces are lots of fun as a larger gift idea for seasoned puzzle fans. With our frame jigsaws, your design can be seen at first glance - on 24 or 72 pieces.

Photo jigsaws in original Ravensburger quality

Ravensburger is a market leader for jigsaws in Europe. Profit from our expertise and our decades of experience when you design your own jigsaw. Behind every my Ravensburger photo puzzle hides a complex manufacturing process and the goal of meeting our high expectations, and those of jigsaw fans worldwide. We choose our high-quality materials with lots of care and expertise. The cardboard that is developed exclusively for us and the special linen paper guarantee a unique feel and durability. Reflections and light reflections on the jigsaw are therefore minimised. Thanks to the handmade punching tools we've developed ourselves, we can cut jigsaw pieces so precisely that one fits perfectly into the other. Along with the precisely cut edges, this exact fit guarantees that your photo jigsaw holds together perfectly.

Photo, jigsaw, lots of fun!

With our jigsaw puzzles, you can order this renowned quality as a personalised gift online. It's easy to turn your favourite picture into a jigsaw with your own photo in our product designer. Just upload your photo, choose the number of pieces and packaging, and the photo puzzle will be delivered to your door.
200 pieces photo puzzle box and puzzle pieces
  • The photo jigsaws come in different sizes and with different numbers of pieces. From an individual jigsaw piece to framed jigsaws (24 or 72 pieces) up to the largest jigsaw with your own picture printed on 2000 pieces
  • Use the filters and effects in the Ravensburger puzzle designer to edit your photos
  • Your Ravensburger photo puzzle will be packaged in an original Ravensburger cardboard box or a sturdy metal box
  • All packaging will be decorated with your theme on a background chosen by you. On the cardboard boxes, you can choose from beautiful design templates for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter or a very special declaration of love
  • You also have the chance to add a title or greeting on the cardboard or metal box
200 pieces photo puzzle box and puzzle pieces

Share your most beautiful moments - with any number of pieces

A personalised puzzle with your picture is the perfect gift for almost any occasion. For weddings or birthdays, for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, for Easter or as a Christmas present. Even if you'd prefer to put your picture together yourself, that doesn't mean you have to keep your photo jigsaw to yourself! Use it to decorate your own four walls. Stuck together with the Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver or placed in a nice frame, your photo jigsaw will reach its full potential.