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100 piece photo puzzle - design a Ravensburger jigsaw with your own photo

  • Piece Count
    100 pieces
    Size of the piece
    Ø 3.8 x 4.5 cm
    Cardboard Box
    34 x 23 x 4 cm
    Metal Tin
    23 x 23 x 4 cm
    Puzzle Size
    36 x 49 cm
  • Puzzling makes you happy! That is scientifically proven. Create very personal moments of happiness with a my Ravensburger photo jigsaw. Whether it is a childhood photo, family portrait or memories of a holiday, a jigsaw with your own photo is something really special! Make your loved ones happy and give them a personalised jigsaw with 100 pieces. On my Ravensburger, you can find the right photo jigsaw for every occasion and any age with right size and number of pieces. Our 200-piece photo puzzle 100 pieces XXL is the perfect challenge for young and inexperienced puzzlers.

    Big pieces mean big fun

    100 XXL puzzle piecesmeans the individual jigsaw pieces are particularly large at 3.8 x 4.5 cm. That has advantages for small and large hands: The100-piece photo puzzle is perfect for children from 6 years old - and for anyone who doesn't have much time to complete larger jigsaws. Additionally, because of the bigger dimensions, it's easier to recognize which part of your design you can see on each piece.

    With dimensions of 49 x 36 cm, the completed jigsaw is the same size as a 200-piece and 500-piece photo jigsaw. One benefit of the lower piece count is that the 100-piece photo puzzle has fewer cut lines. In conjunction with our high-quality digital printing, your photo will make a smooth and well-proportioned jigsaw.

    Easy to do, easy to order - the my Ravensburger 100-piece photo puzzle

    The 100-piece jigsaw with your own photo is really quick and easy to do. Even jigsaw beginners will have fun with their personalised jigsaw! You can design the jigsaw yourself quickly and easily: Simply upload a photo, choose a box design and place your order.
    100 pieces photo puzzle box and puzzle pieces
    • The 100 piece photo puzzle is available in portrait or landscape format
    • The jigsaw pieces are approx. 3.8 x 4.5 cm in size; the completed jigsaw measures around 49 x 36 cm
    • Cover the entire jigsaw with one photo or choose from our collage templates
    • The 100-piece photo puzzle will be packaged in an original Ravensburger jigsaw box or in a square metal box
    100 pieces photo puzzle box and puzzle pieces

    100 Pieces with 100% Ravensburger quality

    The unique perfect fit that defines all Ravensburger jigsaws is of course guaranteed even with the extra-large jigsaw pieces. We produce every photo jigsaw individually at our factory in Ravensburg, Germany. As Europe's market leader in all things jigsaw, we place high importance on top quality - both in the production and in the material used. You will see this excellence that comes from our own production and decades of experience in your photo jigsaw. Continuous quality control guarantees the high Ravensburger standards. In addition, an independent institute confirms that all materials used are harmless. So you can keep puzzling knowing that it is a high-quality and safe product.

    Three easy steps to your 100 piece photo puzzle

    Select and upload your own photo
    Select format
    Select box design and greeting text
    Start creating!

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