What could be easier?

Look through your personal photos, select your favourite and upload it.
You can find our recommendations for a suitable image here.
Select the format (square, portrait or landscape) and decide how detailed you want your template to be. Use the zoom function to select the area you are interested in, so that the focus of the image can be transferred effectively to the template.
Select your own personal box design:
choose a colour and enter a title if desired.
Within 3 days, you will receive an email containing a link to your template. Confirm your chosen template. You will then receive your order confirmation and we will produce your my Painting by Numbers kit with your own personal image..

Selecting the optimal image

Which images make suitable templates?

1. Choose a photo with good exposure (brightness, contrast) and good resolution throughout.

2. Avoid photos with too many small details (e.g. group photos with lots of people) as everything will be transformed into individual sections and colours, and important details may be lost if these are too small (e.g. facial features in group photos).

3. After uploading your photo, use the zoom function to select the exact area you are interested in. That way unwanted elements at the edge of the photo won’t be transferred to the Painting by Numbers template and the focus of the image can be reproduced effectively.

4. The best results are obtained with individual portraits (people and animals) against a single-coloured background, such as those taken by professional photographers.

The image is blurred.

The image is over-exposed.

The image is too dark.

There is too little contrast and the image has a colour fault. The colour fault is picked up by the software, e.g. resulting in a reddish skin colour in the template.

The zoomed section of the image is too large. Because the faces are very small, important details such as eyes and nose may be lost when transferred to the template.

The boy’s face is in shadow.

The selected image has too many small details. Important details such as faces cannot be reproduced in the template.

Handwritten or excessively small texts may be lost or imperfectly reproduced in the template.

The image has too little contrast. The bridegroom’s hair is barely distinguishable from the background colour.

The people in the picture can be clearly seen against the background colour. This image is suitable.

The image has too little contrast, i.e. the clothing is barely distinguishable from the background colour. The skin colour may also be reproduced with too much red by the software.

This image is suitable.

There are too many small faces in the picture, so that important details such as eyes or nose are lost in the template.

Select a particular part of the group photo, for example. Important details such as eyes and nose can be clearly detected and reproduced in the template.

Which images are unsuitable?

Please only use material to which you have the image rights. We regret that other images cannot be used (e.g. film posters, brand logos, film stars, etc.).
The image material must not contain any offensive content and must be compatible with the Ravensburger brand image. The decision on this point will be taken at the discretion of Ravensburger. Further details can be found in our Terms and Conditions of Trade.

Sometimes a photo may prove unsuitable for use as a Painting by Numbers template for quality reasons (see “Which images make suitable templates?”).
In this case we will notify you accordingly, and you can of course choose and upload an alternative image.

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