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Children's photo jigsaw puzzle - your photo as a children's jigsaw

  • Piece Count
    72 pieces
    Size of the piece
    Ø 5 x 3.5 cm
    Puzzle Size
    24.5 x 32.5 cm
  • Pretty animal pictures, family photos or holiday snaps, whatever the design, a children's photo jigsaw puzzle is a great idea for young puzzlers! You can order the personalised children's jigsaw with a design you've drawn yourself. Be it a children's drawing or an artistic portrait - a self-drawn picture looks great on a framed jigsaw. The jigsaw arrives in one piece and without a box, so you can see the design immediately. That also makes the 72-piece photo jigsaw a unique and personal gift!
    Thanks to the manageable number of pieces and the size of the 72 pieces, this photo jigsaw is perfect for jigsaw beginners from 4 years old. Even children are impressed when they rediscover a memory or a familiar picture as they make a jigsaw. It's also really special for older puzzle newcomers to put together their own photo as a puzzle.
    Children photo jigsaw puzzle 72 pieces colours
    • The children's photo jigsaw puzzle comes complete in a frame and wrapped in foil.
    • The framed jigsaw measures around 30 x 38cm and the design covers an area of approximately 24.5 x 32.5cm.
    • The 72 puzzle pieces measure an average of 5 x 3.5cm.
    • You can choose from a selection of different colour designs for the jigsaw frame.
    Children photo jigsaw puzzle 72 pieces colours

    Safe materials and best Ravensburger quality

    A children's photo jigsaw puzzle is a unique and metally stimulating activity for young and experienced. Each of the 72 puzzle pieces of the framed jigsaw are easy to grip for big and little hands alike. And of course, little investigators often want to examine things with all their senses. That's why we only use safe materials for your photo jigsaw. That means it is not a problem if a jigsaw piece accidentally ends up being examined by mouth!

    What applies to the choice of material aslo applies to the manufacturing process. At Ravensburger, we place the highest importance on top quality in all steps of the production process. That way you can be certain that you receive your photo as a children's jigsaw in original Ravensburger quality. The framed jigsaw is punched using precision handmade tools. In combination with the high-quality materials, this guarantees a unique exact fit for very puzzle piece. The 72 pieces of the framed puzzle hold together easily. The punched shapes can be seen clearly on the cardboard frame. That means that even little puzzlers have easy access to the world of jigsaws. At the same time, the frame is also an excellent jigsaw base and can be practical for on the move!

    Turn your own photo into 72 pieces of jigsaw fun

    Easily create a wonderful photo jigsaw for children and adults using your own design. Simply upload a picture and select a frame colour - and that's it! The 72-piece photo jigsaw comes complete and wrapped in foil. That way you can immediately see how your design looks in full size.

    Your own photo as a children's jigsaw is a brilliant gift idea for any occasion. Piece by piece, piecing together a personalized puzzle will put a smile on everyone’s face.
    Warning. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard due to small pieces that may be swallowed.

    Three easy steps to your children's photo jigsaw puzzle

    Select and upload your own photo
    Select format
    Select frame colour
    Start creating!

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