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3D puzzle own design - present your pictures in three dimensions




Experience jigsaw puzzling in the third dimension with your personal design! A personalised 3D puzzle from my Ravensburger is an individual decoration for the office or your own four walls. Be it a family portrait, wedding photo or holiday memory, present your best pictures in a different way as a 3D photo jigsaw: with our my 3D Puzzle frame, your pictures will stand in the foreground - in the truest sense of the word. The high-quality metal box with individual greeting will make your my 3D Puzzle a classy and unique gift.
3D Puzzle photo frame Photowall blue back

Photo jigsaw in 3 dimensions and 3 variations = 3 times the puzzle enjoyment

A my 3D Puzzle frame is an exclusive and personal gift for every occasion. Surprise children and adults with your photos in an unusual form. The photo jigsaws offer personalised puzzle enjoyment in three dimensions - and in three different variations: You have the choice between the my Ravensburger PhotoWall, the MovieWall in a funny filmstrip look and the magical jewellery tree DiamonTree.
3D Puzzle DiamonTree own jewellery stand
  • The photo frame PhotoWall comes in three great colours; there are lots of different design templates and collage options available for the design
  • With the MovieWall, your photos play the lead role: The frame of this 3D puzzle looks like a filmstrip; there are lots of templates available for the image background
  • The DiamonTree is a 3D puzzle to design yourself and a jewellery tree all in one; there are two different wonderful designs

Three times the puzzle fun easy to design yourself

Once you've found your favourtite, order your 3D photo jigsaw easily online. With our product designer, you can design your own 3D puzzle with your photos in three easy steps: Simply upload your photos, design the front and back, then choose the box design and add a title or greeting - done! On the front and back of the my 3D Puzzle, you can have individual designs. Choose your favourite from numerous collages and themed templates and create your personal 3D work of art. There is no limit to your imagination and creativity - even when it comes to size: For the MovieWall and the PhotoWall, you will receive a nifty plug-in connector with every my 3D Puzzle. That way you can connect multiple 3D Puzzle frames to form one big wall.

Sturdy 3D Puzzle without adhesives

The my Ravensburger 3D Puzzles are made of 108 high-quality plastic jigsaw pieces. The individual pieces fit perfectly together thanks to Easy Click Technology and ensure excellent stability - without any adhesive at all! With the help of numbered jigsaw pieces and the pictured step-by-step instructions, you will create your personal my 3D Puzzle in no time. For an even bigger challenge, assemble your photo jigsaw for building with the help of your personal design.
  • A 3D puzzle to design yourself is perfect for puzzlers from 9 years old and is ideal for decorating or giving as a gift. Cover the self-supporting frame with your nicest designs.
  • Lots of design options: The front and back of the my 3D photo jigsaw can be designed separately
  • 3D puzzle fun without any adhesives - the 109 high-quality jigsaw pieces hold together perfectly thanks to Easy Click Technology
  • The 3D jigsaw is packaged in a robust metal box, which is approximately 23 x 23 x 5 cm in size.
  • With the nifty plug-in connector (included with every PhotoWall and MovieWall), you can connect as many of these 3D jigsaw frames as you like
  • Customisable packaging: The high-quality metal tin can be personalised with a title or greeting
3D Puzzle Film-strip photo frame MovieWall Box
Warning: my 3D Puzzle is not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard due to small pieces that may be swallowed.