The Ravensburger bonus scheme – our thank-you for your loyalty!

In future, every time you shop* in the Ravensburger online shop, you will receive Ravensburger Points as a thank-you. Our reward to you for your loyalty to genuine Ravensburger quality! Ravensburger Points are a little thank-you from us to you! You may exchange them for vouchers and redeem the vouchers at and

How do I collect Ravensburger Points?

You will receive Ravensburger Points every time* you buy a product from Ravensburger's online shop, if you have created a customer account. How many Ravensburger Points you receive depends on the amount you spend. The more products you order or the greater the value of these products, the more Ravensburger Points you will receive for your order.

How can I check my Ravensburger Points?

You can go to your Ravensburger Points account at any time to check your current Ravensburger Points balance. You can also see how many more Ravensburger Points you need before you receive your next voucher.

How long are my Ravensburger Points valid for?

Ravensburger Points are valid for 2 years, so you have plenty of time to collect Ravensburger Points. Of course, only the Ravensburger Points that are no longer valid will expire after 2 years. All the others will remain credited to your account.
*excludes fixed-price items

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