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Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle accessories for my Ravensburger photo jigsaws

Jigsaw puzzle glue

Roll your puzzle

Sort your puzzle

Doing a jigsaw with your own design offers a special kind of enjoyment. With the right equipment, you can have even more jigsaw fun: jigsaw puzzle glue, sorting manual and jigsaw mat — the original Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle accessories are the perfect accompaniment to your photo jigsaw!

The stackable sorting dishes from Sort your Puzzle help you maintain an overview when doing your jigsaw. With the Roll your Puzzle jigsaw mat, your photo jigsaw is always stored in a secure and place-saving way. And with the Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle glue, it's easy as can be to hold the completed jigsaw in place. The jigsaw puzzle conserver also seals the surface of the jigsaw. That helps keep the colours on your photo jigsaw brighter for longer — perfect if you want to hang up your photo once you've put it together.