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MovieWall - filmstrip photo frame and three-dimensional jigsaw fun all in one

  • Piece Count
    Size of the piece
    Ø 2.9 x 2.2 cm
    Metal Tin
    23 x 23 x 4 cm
    Puzzle Size
    36 x 17 x 12.5 cm
  • It's lights, camera, action for the my Ravensburger MovieWall. Bring to life your photo as a filmstrip. This personalised 3D jigsaww is a unique photo decoration! Design your individual filmstrip photo frame with the stars in your life. Fill your puzzle with your dream cast from your personal love story or your wedding photos. Tell your own comedy story using snapshots of your friends and family, or go back to the future and design your own personal time travel story with photos of the past and present.

    Let your photos set the perfect scene with the MovieWall

    You don't have to be a Hollywood star to let your photos set the scene. Design an original photo decoration with your best pictures. The 3D filmstrip is not just a retro-look head turner, it also offers three-dimensional jigsaw fun. Thanks to reliable Easy-Click technology, the 108 plastic puzzle piecesfit together perfectly and completely without the use of any adhesive! The accompanying instructions guide you step by step how to construct the MovieWall. You can either use the design or the numbers on the back of the jigsaw pieces to assemble your jigsaw.
    3D Puzzle Film-strip photo frame MovieWall plug-in-system
    • The 108 robust plastic jigsaw pieces are suitable for anyone aged 8 years and up
    • Your MovieWall can be designed using 2 to 4 photos
    • Choose between 5 different designs in the classic black and white lookThe filmstrip photo frame is approx. 21.4 cm long, 12 cm high and 5 cm deep
    • The MovieWall comes with a plug-in connector, extras and instructions
    • Delivered in a high-quality metal tin that you can personalise with a title or a personal greeting
    3D Puzzle Film-strip photo frame MovieWall plug-in-system

    Individual photo decoration in no time

    Create your unique decoration really easily. Be it as a decoration for the home or as an individual photo gift, whether on your desk or in the living room: The will keep your memories alive. Simply upload pictures, choose your design and box and order - and in just a few days, you'll get your personal filmstrip delivered to your door.

    Never-ending jigsaw fun: Your photo as an extra-long filmstrip

    Never-ending jigsaw fun: Your photo as an extra-long filmstrip Easily create one connected filmstrip: Every MovieWall includes a plug-in connection. That way you can easily connect individual photo frames with others to form a sequence. The options are limitless. You've surely got a few pictures in your collection that have earned their big moment: First photos of the newborn, photos from your wedding or beautiful portraits. A filmstrip photo is an individual photo decoration — to decorate yourself or as a creative gift idea! Of course, you can also use the plug-in connector to combine your MovieWall with a PhotoWall.
    Warning. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard due to small pieces that may be swallowed.

    Three easy steps to your film strip photo frame

    Select and upload your photos 
    Design the front and back
    Insert title or greeting text

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