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With Ravensburger Photo Puzzle, you can quickly and easily turn your favourite picture into an exclusive and unique gift! The Ravensburger Photo puzzle is available in various sizes: Ravensburger Photo Puzzle with 100 XXL pieces is perfect for children from 6 years of age, or when your want quick results. The Ravensburger Photo Puzzle with 500 pieces is a real eye-catcher. The large Ravensburger Photo Puzzle with 1000 pieces is a great gift idea! Turn your happiest times into a Ravensburger Photo Puzzle. The perfect gift idea for an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's/Mother's Day, Christmas or any other occasion when you want a personal and unique gift. Simply create it online and order. In original Ravensburger puzzle cardboard and with Ravensburger's "Soft click" technology. The photo puzzle by the puzzle specialists.

*Price for my Ravensburger Puzzle 100 pieces.

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